Hello, we are Roving Squid Games, aka Howard & Laurie.

We love to travel and have spent the last few years making our lives as mobile as possible. A 26′ RV has been our home for the last four and a half years but we are about to leave that behind and take the next step in our travels and head to Europe. We can work anywhere we have an internet connection and are looking forward to new experiences, exploring new places, and of course, the food.

We are also passionate about gaming. We play games and we make games. It took us a while to get started, but we now have a successful indie game company that makes a good portion of our income, and gives us the freedom to travel.


If seeing the world is something you dream about doing, follow along and we’ll show you how we do it.┬áThis blog is where we will share our stories, crazy adventures, things we learn (so you don’t make the same mistake) and our struggles as we see the world and make games.