The Potato Truck Revolution

One day during the first week we were here in Greece, we were hanging out at the apartment trying to get a little work done. We heard a guy outside on a loud speaker, talking in Greek of course, so we had no idea what he was saying. The sound was moving around and getting louder so we ran out on the balcony to see what was going on. Were we being called to prayer? Was this the start of a revolution?

There was a little old woman, dressed all in black and holding her shopping bags, standing on the sidewalk opposite our building. She certainly spoke Greek, but was looking around confused. What could the loud speaker guy be saying?

Get Your TP Here

Finally he turned down our street and we figured out what was going on. He was driving an old pick up truck and the back was filled with giant bags of potatoes. He noticed us looking down at him and he slowed down. Unfortunately we don’t have a full kitchen at this apartment and even if we did, we really didn’t have a use for 50 pounds of potatoes, despite how good a deal his farm-to-city mobile store must be offering, so we waved him on.

The next week we once again heard the loud speaker and rushed out on the porch. Instead of the potato farmer, this time it was a different truck with a different guy on the loud speaker and he had all kinds of bedding and toilet paper. I was quick enough to snap a photo this time.

Today’s sale was a bit disappointing. I ran out to the balcony when I heard the loud speaker but all I saw for sale in the back of a very old vintage pick up truck was one used air conditioner. It’s windy and cool today, probably not the best day for this type of mobile sale, but I wish him all the luck.

I wonder what sales we’ve missed on days we were out exploring….

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